4 New Startups Join The PlanX Family

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This week we welcomed four new startups to the PlanX family. These startups went through a rigorous interview process by our management and board members, to be selected for our cohort – so congratulations to the three startups to have made it this far. We introduce to you, our three new startups: ALRUG: ALRUG was founded [...]

Mock Pitches with PlanX Alumni Startups

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Last week, PlanX conducted a Product Review and Mockpitch Session to facilitate interaction of current startup founders with our learned alumni. Current startups such as Aitomation1, foriEDU,, LokSavaari, Nutright and Veiliux sought counsel from our alumni including Irfan Ahmad of, Surkhail Sohail of WebDealer Solutions and Bilal Athar of Wifigen. The discussion revolved around [...]

Wifigen is hiring Backend Developers

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PlanX alumni startup Wifigen is hiring and they are on the search for talented Backend Developers. Job Description: In this engineering role, the developer will be optimizing the company product's core codebase and will be adding scalable features. As a server side developer in Wifigen, the potential hire will be part of a team that is [...]

Rajeev Circle Fellows 2017

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PlanX to Participate in Rajeev Circle Fellowship, 2017 Rajeev Circle is a prestigious fellowship, held every year in Palo Alto, San Francisco. 8 participants from Pakistan will be joining the cohort this year. These include two participants from PlanX: Eisha Zeb, Assistant Program Manager and Head of Strategic Global Partnerships; Qasim Salam, founder of CampusFeed ; [...]

PlanX AMA with Lok Savaari Adventures

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PlanX AMA with Lok Savaari Adventures We held our weekly PlanX AMA with the founder of Lok Savaari Adventures, Asif Talib who is running a travel and Tourism Company. The AMA walked through his humble beginnings as a rickshaw driver outside LUMS in Lahore, where he used to pick and drop students to and from university. [...]

Car Chabi are Hiring

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Car Chabi are Hiring PlanX startup Car Chabi, powered by RoboArt are an IoT company, that have produced a hardware device that gets installed in your car, which allows you to lock/unlock, start/stop and turn the AC on/off on your car with a swipe on their app. After their recent seed funding from a local angel investor, [...]

PlanX AMA with CampusFeed

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PlanX AMA with CampusFeed Last week we hosted our weekly PlanX AMA with the CEO of CampusFeed, Qasim Asad. CampusFeed is essentially a mobile app that creates different social networks for different university campuses. The app is tailored to your specific campus, so when you open the app all the posts that you see will be [...]

PlanX EIR with Hammad Malik

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PlanX EIR with Hammad Malik PlanX scheduled another productive PlanX Entrepreneur in Residence session this week with Mr. Hammad Malik, Managing Director at Dominar Engineers & Co-Founder of Banyan Tree Education. Malik Founded Dominar Engineer in November 2011, which is the official partner for KSB Pumps as well as ABB Motors which is one of the [...]

Lok Savaari joins PlanX

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Lok Savaari joins PlanX Lok Savaari Adventures (LSA) is a unique tourism startup that seeks to make your journey memorable by adding a new concept to travelling and tourism. LSA offers feasible rates and conventional travel packages that offer a better quality of transport, food, accommodation and trip planning. LSA plans trips and tours by default [...]

PlanX attends Startup Turkey

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PlanX attended Startup Turkey last week, from the 23rd - 25th February 2017 in Antalya. PlanX has partnered with Etohum, a Turkish startup accelerator program, providing budding entrepreneurs with mentorship, seed funding and other support services. Etohum and Startup Turkey are founded by Mr. Burak Buyukdemir, who invites us to this prestigious event, year after year. [...]