PlanX AMA with ClubInternet

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PlanX AMA with ClubInternet The PlanX AMA sessions have become a recurring ritual at PlanX. Last Friday we hosted yet another one with the ClubInternet co-founders - Sophiya Pervez, Hassan Baig and Fahad Rao. ClubInternet has made a social network for underserved communities that are coming online for the first time ever. It uses simple instructions [...]

ClubInternet meets Mark Zuckerberg

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PlanX startup, ClubInternet was recently invited by Facebook for the F8 Developers Conference. While Sophiya Pervez was part of a panel discussion on digital literacy, Co-founder Hassan Baig joined Mark Zuckerberg and 14 other individuals from Amazon,, Tesla etc for a closed door meeting to discuss piloting on experimental technology for the unconnected. Our Business Development associate, Faryal [...]