Silicon Valley is what comes to the mind whenever the word startup is mentioned. With a plethora of angel investors and a strong network of mentors, it is the hub for many successful digital businesses. The startup ecosystem in Pakistan is not as developed and streamlined but with new startups popping up every day the nascent Pakistan startup ecosystem seems to be developing rapidly and the future seems exciting. New success stories emerge from around us every day. If a new startup wants to attract investments, grow exponentially or commercialize itself, the right resources are hard to find. For these challenges, solutions are fast evolving. Startup Lahore structured on the blueprints of Startup Istanbul and its counterparts is one of these solutions

Startup Lahore is a part of MIT enterprise forum which is a global organization of dedicated professionals affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) through MIT Technology Review. MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan (MITEFP) is one of 24 worldwide chapters looking to engage stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and make a difference through innovation and technology. MITEFP is dedicated towards stimulation of growth of Pakistani entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses. It plans to do this by connecting them to a number of programs through workshops, trainings and the Startup Lahore conference.

Startup Lahore, a part of MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan is a 2 day conference to be organized in Lahore, the event will bring together the finest angel investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, speakers, tech companies, accelerators and media onto one platform.  Startups will have access to a network of local and foreign investors as well as mentorship and training session. The event is a perfect opportunity to see and engage with the Pakistani startup ecosystem first hand. The event is an initiative to shape the technology entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan by organizing activities that will stimulate entrepreneurship in youth, startups and corporations at the same time.

The event to be held in January 2017 in Expo Center Lahore will have over 300 attendees, 150+ startups and 30+ investors. Interested persons can purchase attendee, startup or Investor pass. All of the pass holders will have access to workshops and seminars. Whereas startups would have access to stalls and investors would have access to conference rooms. For more information on the event, visit our website or our facebook page.