PlanX to Participate in Rajeev Circle Fellowship, 2017

Rajeev Circle is a prestigious fellowship, held every year in Palo Alto, San Francisco. 8 participants from Pakistan will be joining the cohort this year. These include two participants from PlanX: Eisha Zeb, Assistant Program Manager and Head of Strategic Global Partnerships; Qasim Salam, founder of CampusFeed ; Faisal Khan, CEO of Peshawar 2.0; and Abdullah Ahmad, founder of CricFlex. Other Fellows include Ali Murtaza of Makeistan, Usama Abid, founder and CEO at DIY GEEKS, Hina Tariq, COO at DIY GEEKS and Hamza Munir, Chief Design Officer (CDO) at DIY GEEKS. These Fellows will be flying to the Silicon Valley in May to take part in the three weeks Fellowship.

Rajeev Circle is the brainchild of the late Prof. Rajeev Motwani and his wife Asha Jadeja Motwani, who is currently at the helm of group’s affairs. The group’s overarching vision is to trigger disruptive ideas, activities and technologies so as to have a remedial impact on problems in the developing world. The Rajeev Circle Fellowship has been benefiting young entrepreneurs from this part of the world by linking them closely to the Silicon Valley. Since its inception in 2009, the group has invested in some notable companies, such as Google, Paypal, Cisco, Pinterest and Gogo, to name a few. Additionally the group also provides invaluable mentorship through its Fellowship programs, which are operated by virtue of a vast volunteer network. Thus, being a venture capitalist and a mentor, the group has a lasting influence on some of the market’s biggest giants of today.

Over the years, Rajeev Circle has proved to be a vital force in untapping the true potential of entrepreneurs from places where innovation does not have a strong support system. The attendees of the Fellowship are supported by a volunteer Rajeev Circle group in every regard – regular video meetings, business plan polishing, connecting to venture capitalists and angel investors and advice on exit options.

Commenting on the impending participation in the Fellowship, Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board, MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan and Vice Chancellor of ITU said, “The increasing number of participants being selected every year from Pakistan for the prestigious Rajeev Circle Fellowship shows the huge potential that lies in our entrepreneurial ecosystem. With such opportunities these young entrepreneurs will develop the vision and the connections needed to disrupt the global market with their creative ideas.”

While Ms. Hafsa Shorish, Director of PlanX | MITEF Pakistan, was of the view that: Rajeev Circle Fellowship is an amazing learning opportunity for our young entrepreneurs and professionals to experience the world’s finest ecosystem first hand. This is an extremely encouraging platform provided by Asha Jadeja Motwani to Pakistani and Indian youth to become better enablers and innovators back home. The link between the Silicon Valley and our developing ecosystem is absolutely necessary for our growth and scalability. Hence, this fellowship can definitely help us establish stronger ties with the startup community within and outside Pakistan.