PlanX Power Women

During the two years of running the acceleration program, we experienced that only 4% of the startups that joined the program were founded and led by females. With this in mind, we designed the PlanX Power Women initiative, to inspire, connect, and support Pakistan’s women in the process of leading the next wave of innovation and entrepreneurship in our country.

According to the Labour Force Survey, the participation rate for women in the workforce is only 28%, placing Pakistan in a list of countries with one of the lowest job creation rates for females. There are several elements that contribute to poor employment trends for females in Pakistan such as low literacy rates, socio-economic norms and cultural taboos. These factors hinder their gainful participation in the local workforce.
Under the PlanX Power Women program, PlanX seeks to advance entrepreneurship education and spur entrepreneurial activity through trainings, workshops and research partnerships. With the economic empowerment of women, it aims to contribute to greater gender equality, as well as job creation leading to economic development.