Have you ever wondered how wonderful it would be if your car could talk to you? Could tell you the routes it took, what it experienced along the way and most importantly when it wasn’t really feeling up to it and needed a bit of “fine tuning”.

XGear, a PlanX startup, promises to answer this by producing a small gadget that enables your vehicle to communicate with you to deliver information previously known to your mechanic only (minus the actual scary talking car experience!) After the initial prototype was developed, the hardware was rigorously tested on all the major car OEM’s in different parts of the world in extreme weather conditions including United States, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Dubai, Egypt, Australia and Pakistan to improve the hardware design. The finalized version of the product has successfully been installed in 2 major fleets so far, one of them being Pepsi Pakistan. But what’s even better is that it has opened doors for successful sales and distribution collaborations around the globe with countries like Australia, United States, Sweden and Egypt. What sets XGear apart from its competitors is that it does not rely on Bluetooth/Wi-Fi which enables it to deliver almost accurate results since anything relying on Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi works on the wrong layer of abstraction and requires too much human interaction which eventually makes the data inconsistent, yielding to improper results.

When asked about how the device actually works and helps, XGear CEO, Mr. Ahmed Khalid said “XGear transports engine data onto an easy-to-read screen. Data becomes information explaining how you can drive, maintain and manage your car better. Data is no longer wasted but is now information making sense”.

XGear believes that your car should be closer to you than you think, putting it in the internet of things space. Unleash the true potential of your car, drive smart!