On Friday last week, PlanX collaborated with EO Lahore to host an exclusive session on the “Power of Negotiation” by Eric Maddox. Eric, is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Security Consultant and a Military Veteran.  Eric was also named amongst EO Global’s top speakers from 2015-2016. He came over to PlanX to help startup founders in decision-making and negotiating business deals. Eric mentioned that he has conducted over 2700 interrogations under the US army over the span of 12 years. He developed a technique that was unique and unusual that focused on listening, this method proved to be successful and therefore incorporated within the army interrogation trainings

Eric told the audience that people only listen to 25% of a conversation, because they’re usually distracted with their own thoughts. People spend more time focusing on what they’re thinking about and what they want to say next. However, if we listen with empathy and have our distractors behind us, we can grasp the conversation much better to gain deeper information.

One of the members in the audience asked ‘how do you negotiate with someone who has more power than you?’ Eric revealed that you need to figure out and address their goals, needs and fears first. Once you gain someone’s trust then you’ll be able to leverage the conversation much better. Hence you’ll be able to negotiate better terms for your business.