PlanX recently partnered with Facebook to further its aim of developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan. This partnership was strengthened when Mr. Sarim Aziz, Product Strategist at Facebook flew down to Pakistan to speak to the attendees at the #PlanXDemoDay. Following that we were paid a visit by Matt Terrell Strategic Partner Manager, Scaled Outreach/ The FB Start Program and Konstantinos Papamiltiadis Strategic Partner Manager as well. Building upon this budding, long term relationship, startups at PlanX and Plan9 have managed to get access to the FB start program by Facebook.

The FB Start Program allows startups to gain access to tools which will help them build better products and accelerate their growth by creating better connected app experiences. Facebook has partnered with 30+ companies for this program, allowing its members to promote their apps and gives them a chance to enter new markets. There are two parts to this program,  the Bootstrap track (Benefits Up to $30,000) and the other being the Accelerator Track (Benefits Up to $ 80,000). Both tracks entitle its members to receive mentorship from Facebook as well as being a part of the community which will further enhance their learning experience.

This comes as great news for the developer and startup community of Pakistan where strategic partnerships can really help scale ventures to global markets.