PlanX hosted an informative Hangout with Mr. Abdul Rehman Butt, Manager E- commerce solutions at TCS. The session was aimed at providing e-commerce solutions and assistance to startup founders.
TCS besides providing courier service to consumers, also gives tailored solutions to corporate sector. So its services are diversified for B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B. With its vast and efficient network of 853 Express Centers and over 375 satellite-tracked delivery vehicles and a team of 4,000 couriers, TCS makes sure that your product is delivered in the minimum time and with safety. It also has its own airline, for cargo purposes.
Mr. Abdul Rehman explained why technology is becoming an integral part of today’s business model. With internet penetration increasing every day more and more businesses are working online, specifically the startups. He said that the key growth factors are: Social media, Smart phones, Network penetration (3G, 4G) and event celebration. In such an era, there is need for some speedy courier service that works online. TCS is an answer to it, as they say: “We move you.” It brings speed, reach and power along with customized suite of E-commerce solutions to help you grow your business online.
Mr. Abdul Rehman recognized and thanked the vital role of PITB and PlanX in scintillating platform for E- commerce and startups.
He then gave an overview of all the products and services been offered by them. TCS Ecom Solutions is a product catering to the needs of all aspirational E-Retailers who want quick flow of goods to their customers. From simple shipment preparation to seamless last mile deliveries, TCS Ecom Solutions offers a complete range of services including updated shipment tracking, timely email and sms alerts, and easy transfer of funds and convenient return solutions to bolster and support your business.
The Ecom products and services that TCS offers, include:
? E-Retail Portal
? Pick up from Premises
? Weekly Cash Transfer
? Multiple Delivery Options
? Customized Delivery as per Payment Option
? Warehousing & Transportation
? And other E-Comm Support Services
This was followed by an engaging and informative question/ answer session. Mr. Rehman responded to individual queries and guided the startup founders on the services that are better suited for their business model. He also told some golden rules on retaining the customers.
In order to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and help new startups, Mr. Rehman announced an incentive for first 50 free shipments for 2 months to newly registered businesses for one day.
The session ended on a positive note as Mr. Rehman stressed on continuing to work on TCS vision of: “Delivering Beyond Customer Expectation”