Alma Mater Pre-School signed on Optimaken’s Advance Analytics and Deep Insights program for the education industry which is aimed towards introducing the latest approaches in business intelligence and predictive analysis in the educational environment.

Optimaken provides a dependable qualitative information and analysis system which can be used by business professionals to optimize Sales and Marketing planning and execution in FMCG/CPG organizations. The delighted founder, Mr. Amin Baig said “This is the first time we have tapped into the Academia industry and we look forward to great results. The system (Optimaken) is designed in a way that it can be adapted and implemented in any organization and sector really. This is the first step towards many fruitful partnerships”.

Alma Mater, established in 1980, aims to empower each student with a positive attitude and knowledge to become self-assured, responsible and economically productive citizens. Being one of the most progressive schools of our time, Director IT Mr. Fawad was quoted as saying “Alma mater has always focused on technology and innovation and we realized that every child has the potential to improve if monitored or dealt properly, we aim to use the expertise of Optimaken to come up with a solution which would ultimately enable us to monitor each child’s performance at a granular level and find remedies to it – if big data can be used in other industries to improve performance, why not in education? Even the fact that paper making can be automated would ultimately automate one crucial part of a teacher’s invaluable time and she could focus the same energy towards the student and innovation in the classroom”

Previously, students from Alma Mater stood first in the ICT innovation competition held at the PlanX Demo Day. We wish them both all the best for this partnership.