Last week, PlanX conducted a Product Review and Mockpitch Session to facilitate interaction of current startup founders with our learned alumni. Current startups such as Aitomation1, foriEDU,, LokSavaari, Nutright and Veiliux sought counsel from our alumni including Irfan Ahmad of, Surkhail Sohail of WebDealer Solutions and Bilal Athar of Wifigen.

The discussion revolved around specific as well as broader business issues, such as market penetration, opportunity identification, customer satisfaction and E-commerce. Alumni founders also shared some inevitable market troubles and hurdles from their own experiences so as to prepare the learners to face potential ups and downs; however, it was assured that with right decisions at the right time, any impediment can be surmounted. The session is expected to have a lasting impact on the way the current startups conduct their business operations.