ALRUG’ , a startup accelerated at PlanX has been selected to represent our program for the RISE conference this year. RISE is a production of a team that is behind Web Summit that is Europe’s largest tech conference presently. People from the world’s biggest companies and startups will be joined by global media, investors and attendees for a three day networking program in July 2017 at Hong Kong. Here they will get a chance to share their stories and experiences at RISE.

ALRUG was founded in 1999 by two entrepreneurs from Pakistan and is currently situated in Lahore. It primarily deals with rug merchandise. Having an experience of age-old trade of rugs and innovative technologies, ALRUG aims at making hand-knotted rugs accessible to as many people as possible with fine-quality product and service. They have satisfied customers all over the world including US, UK, Germany, South Africa, Austria and many others. It is one of the leading online Retailers and Wholesalers of handmade rugs today.

RISE provides ALRUG a great opportunity to broaden their horizons and expand their connectivity at a global level.