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PlanX PITB signs MOU with EO Lahore

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Lahore, Pakistan – August 30, 2016 We are excited to announce our partnership with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)’s Lahore chapter. EO was founded in 1987 and became the world’s only peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs. With over 12,000 members and 160 chapters in 50 countries, EO aims to provide learning and networking opportunities for leading entrepreneurs [...]

PlanX AMA with Patari

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Last week we hosted another PlanX AMA with the co-founders of Patari, Khalid Bajwa and Humayun Haroon. Patari is the largest Pakistani music streaming service. They spoke about everything from promoting local Pakistani music and artists to the often comparisons made between them and other platforms like Sound Cloud and Taazi. Khalid, CEO of Patari also described [...]

PlanX welcomes 4 new Startups

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This week we welcomed four new startups to the PlanX family. These startups went through a rigorous interview process by our management and board members, to be selected for our cohort - so congratulations to the four teams to have made it this far. We’d like to introduce you to: Car Butlers: Pakistan's 1st mobile car wash [...]

New Energy Global Startup Fest

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PlanX is excited to announce its partnership with New Energy Global Startup Fest, as an exclusive partner for Pakistan! The New Energy Global Startup Fest is a gathering of the greatest experts and coolest startuppers who will come together for one day in futuristic Astana to share their knowledge and projects on clean tech and energy [...]

PlanX  AMA with BeautyHooked

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PlanX  AMA with BeautyHookedWe had the ladies of BeautyHooked come in for our PlanXAMA last week. After celebrating their success just a day earlier having raised $280k from a seed round, led by Fatima Ventures, we felt everyone would want to find out about exactly how they did it. The AMA was done by Sahr Said, CEO and Sidra Talha Head of [...]

PlanX welcomes RepairDesk

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PlanX welcomes RepairDesk It's that time of the year again when we bid farewell to our startups as they move on from a rigorous six months of acceleration at PlanX. We wish them all luck as they move on to bigger things, and would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the new startups joining [...]

Session with Sarim Aziz on Product & App Challenges

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PlanX invited Sarim Aziz for a session on Product and App Challenges   PlanX hosted Facebook Singapore's Manager Strategic Partnerships Sarim Aziz for an interactive session on product and app challenges facing Pakistani startups. Sarim is a frequent visitor at PlanX and highly interested in the Pakistani startup culture. The session was to emphasis various products and services offered [...]

PlanX: Entrepreneur in Residence

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We had Mr. Zubair Anjum, VP Marketing & Corporate Strategy of Systems Ltd. come over on Friday, August 12, for our Entrepreneur in Residence program. Taking in to account his vast experience he spent his time advising startups on best practices from a marketing and sales perspective.  

PlanX AMA with MangoBaaz

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We know you came here to seek answers to the ever-intriguing mango question. Here at PlanX we have debated whether to disclose the secrets of Mangodom to you, but instead of giving you a straightforward answer, we’d like to take you back in time. Last week to be exact. Last week we conducted our second in [...]

#PlanXAMA: Farhan Masood

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It’s been two weeks since we’ve been running our PlanXAMA. In the first series we had Farhan Masood, winner of MIT Enterprise Forum BAP 2012 and the founder of SoloInsight. At the age of 19, Farhan was declared the originator of Urdu, Persian, and Arabic languages on the internet by the Voice of America. He received [...]