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AutoGenie raises investment from PakWheels

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The startup culture in Pakistan is slowly but surely evolving towards becoming a force to be reckoned with. In such circumstances it is heartening to see well established startups helping and investing in upcoming startups. The case in point is, which recently invested $100,000 inAutoGenie, a startup currently accelerated at PlanX. AutoGenie is a car [...]

PlanX Demo Day

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In our pursuit to empower and promote entrepreneurs, we at PlanX are organizing the Startup Demo Day which will be held on the 10th of November, 2015. With this event, we aim to gather the most interesting entrepreneurs, startups, investors and mentors to celebrate the local tech ecosystem in Pakistan. The Demo Day will commence at 11 [...]

Patari: Pakistani Music’s largest portal goes viral!

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In its pursuit to revive Pakistani music, PlanX startup Patari has recently launched their streaming app which has the largest database of Pakistani music. After running their beta version for a few months, Patari have acquired licenses and rights for large number of artists. The website features songs spanning over decades which are high quality and [...]

Travly disrupts the “Tuk Tuk” Market

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Travly has come a long way from being a senior year project to becoming the biggest disruptor of Lahore’s conventional public transport system. They started off with the idea of providing digital solutions for public transport users by giving them information about bus routes and directions to the nearest bus stand. After implementing their solution in [...]

PlanX welcomes Beauty Hooked!

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Beauty Hooked is a one stop shop for all your beauty needs. It is an e-commerce platform which connects users with salon and beauty services that fit their individual needs. Beauty Hooked also helps users search, discover, review and book beauty appointments online. They have been operational for one month now and are successfully bringing big salons [...]

Noori’s latest album up on Patari!

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n its pursuit to revive the Pakistani music industry, Patari has recently launched Noori's latest album "Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh" which celebrates the spirit of Pakistan. Patari is the first online platform to officially release the album which is Noori's third album and has been launched ten years after the previous one. A big thumbs up [...]